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Your best cybersecurity defence – is a managed service

Building your cybersecurity team for 2020

By now it is clear to all businesses that the biggest threat they face is cybersecurity. Yet many still do not have a plan or a structure in place to deal with it, exposing them to data breach, loss of business and loss of reputation. The latest major breach has seen the NHS targeted with Ransomware, and another has placed 250,000 customers of Wonga at risk. Barely a week goes by without another news story of leaks and hacks. And with the Internet of Things predicted to hit billions of connected devices by 2020, the threats increase exponentially.

It’s not just big business that’s at risk. Two thirds of UK firms were targeted by cyber criminals last year, and that’s just the ones who have the systems in place to know that the attempt was made.
At KubeNet, we know that to beat hackers you need to think like them. And that means finding, hiring and training the right talent to protect our clients before they are hacked. It also means investing in our own technology and infrastructure to create business class solutions that meet our clients’ needs while protecting their assets.

Our objective is to supply the platforms and services our clients need to give them a competitive edge in their business world while giving them the support and confidence needed to succeed. The shortage of cyber security skills in the UK alone means that as businesses migrate more and more sensitive data to Cloud based platforms they provide wider targets for hackers at all levels. Data security is now a boardroom issue, and many businesses are now realising that a managed service can provide higher levels of protection than they could afford to provide in-house.

That’s because cybersecurity is a constantly evolving specialism, so the skills needed to keep abreast of threat management are difficult find – and once found they need to be kept at the forefront of the business. A viable option is to add them to your team by outsourcing to a dedicated and adaptable business like KubeNet.

As a full service business partner we provide single point of contact for business connectivity including voice, data, cloud, security and invoicing, meaning less cost and more control, together with our trademark “can do” attitude.

We’re here to help with security as a part of what we do day to day for national and global customers.

For more information on how you can protect your company please feel free to phone our sales team on 0344 873 4488 or email us on and get your company protected!