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Service & Support Without Compromise

We provide to some of the world’s leading companies, and we are a leading provider of best-in-class and future-proof communication and technology Solutions.

Our broad portfolio of Cloud, cyber security and voice solutions ensure that our clients have access to their applications and data across the globe. Additionally, as a Cisco and Microsoft Partner, we are right at the forefront of technology.

Because we own an operate our own Next Generation Network, flexibility, security and resilience of our infrastructure is guaranteed, with assurance that it meets business requirements. This is further supported through our ISO, ITiL and Cyber Essentials accreditations.

But at KubeNet, we are more than just a successful business; we are a successful and motivated team. We are composed of a team of great people who deliver great products and exceptional customer service.

Our Story

Since our inception, we have continually evolved to meet the changing needs of our customers and their businesses. Our product offerings have evolved in line with this, and are delivered with dedications to quality, value for money and excellent customer service.

As a leading provider of best-in-class, we support customers both large and small, and in both the Private and Public Sectors with their voice/data and internet technologies across the UK and around the globe.

We believe in working in partnership, and so our customers benefit from thought-leadership as well as information on changes surrounding technology, legislation and working practices. This approach allows our customers to make considered decisions about what the need in order to improve productivity and grow their businesses.

Our Values

Our greatest asset is our staff, and they are the key to our success. At KubeNet, we passionately believe that hard work should be rewarded. We believe that competence is critical, and it’s possible to get things done as well as enjoying the journey. We also believe that it’s important that we help people reach their potential.

Our culture is designed to nurture talent, and so we support and inspire our people to achieve their ambitions. Rewarding success, we ensure that our staff are engaged and determined, most importantly, that they’re equipped with the skills necessary to succeed.

Our firm belief is that happy, engaged employees are more productive and will share our company goals and visions, contributing to a positive working atmosphere.

What makes KubeNet different?

Our People

Our staff are strategic thinkers with years of experience in Telecoms, Business Connectivity, Cyber Security and Project Management.

Our Investment

KubeNet have invested heavily in their network, staff training and CRM to ensure our customers have the best possible experience

Our Objectives

We ensure your connectivity and network is fast, well connected, reliable, secure and protected

We do our homework, and make sure we understand your business goals before working with you. This ensures you get a bespoke solution that meets your true business needs.
How do we achieve this? Because we have the access to the best possible infrastructure and when it comes to service…

We Listen, We Understand, We Deliver

Carrier grade network with Tier 1 interconnects

You have full access to our Connectivity, Telecoms, Cloud & Security portfolio.

UK & International reach with resilient failover options

All your billing in one place under 1 invoice or by cost centre

Competitive pricing, key in today’s competitive market

Great Support & Reliability – we won’t let you down