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Weather Warning! Impacts of Storm Ophelia

As you will have seen widely reported in the media, ex-hurricane Ophelia has been moving across Ireland and Northern Ireland, bringing very strong gales which has also impacted Wales, Scotland, and the west of England. This could seriously impact UK infrastructure, resulting on an increase in fault intake with potential access and mobility problems for Engineering and Support teams.

The storm force winds cleared Ireland’s coast by midnight, but people were warned to remain cautious in the aftermath of the extreme weather. A second day of disruption is expected in Scotland and North East England due to fallen trees blocking rail lines.

Fallen trees blocking roads and downed power lines are some of the likely hazards on Tuesday as the country begins to return to normal following a day when the island of Ireland went into lock down.

Violent winds of more than 96mph (156kph) in places caused widespread damage to electricity networks, uprooting trees and damaging properties.

Storm Ophelia may be coming to an end. However, this is where the work begins for providers across the country. Massive damages have occurred due to the high winds, flooding and fallen trees.


At KubeNet, our team are working and monitoring events closely ensuring that any services which may be affected, can be restored as soon as possible to minimize disruption. 
If you encounter a fault out-with business hours, please contact our On-Call engineering team by:


Please note that out of hours support is available for incidents only.