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Unified Communications


At KubeNet, we provide a set of integrated tools designed to make collaboration,

business communications and productivity easier for you.

At a time when remote working is increasing, and with blended options becoming more in demand,

we offer solutions that are suitable wherever you are.


Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platforms provide a broad range of communication and collaboration applications and services in the Cloud. The three principle areas that we provide are: voice/VoIP, audio and video conferencing as well as instant messaging/chat.

In a fast, ever-evolving world where people are working both at home and on-premise, we offer solutions that offer our customers flexibility, scalability and maximum collaboration, leading to a resilient and happy team.

Hosted Telephony

Your telephony system run over the internet.

SIP Trunks

Make business calls over the internet with VoIP.

Fixed Lines

PSTN & ISDN solutions to enable you to send data and voice simultaneously.

Business Mobiles

Stay in touch with your customers and colleagues wherever you are.

UcaaS Benefits

There are many benefits to using unified communications solutions in your business. Having the right tools leads to better internal and external collaboration, which results in increased productivity.

We offer solutions for office and remote workers, and full scalability to suit a changing landscape.


Scale your package up or down as per your requirements


Fully flexible to suit your business needs

Remote working

Work wherever you are

Fully manageable app

You have full control over your package

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Microsoft Teams instant messaging, screen sharing and audio/video calls has increased collaboration and ease of use for employees worldwide.

We are now offering a direct routing option with Microsoft teams which also allows you to make external calls. This is called Kube Teams Connect.

This is, unsurprisingly, proving to be a very popular option with our customers.

For those that would like to have the Microsoft Teams experience but don’t use Office 365, and instead opt for the likes of Gmail instead, we provide an alternative with the same functionality which is compatible with the likes of Gmail. This will allow you to keep in touch with your colleagues throughout the day and enable you to easily set up meetings

Audio calls
Voice calls
Instant messaging