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Top 3 ways to boost your Business Wi-Fi

With Business Wi-Fi seen as a luxury not a necessity,  a recent survey showed staff would be grumpier with a week without Wi-Fi than a week without Coffee,  it’s crucial that all businesses can offer employees, customers and guests Wi-Fi access that’s fast, free and reliable.

Most of us now have a Wi-Fi connection at home, so having it in the workplace is a natural progression, it allows flexible office working, hot desking and BYOD.

While setting up a wireless network at home is little more than plugging in a router, the more complex demands of a business means that things are a bit more complicated and can become sluggish.

Here’s our top 3 ways to boost your business Wi-Fi.


  1. Determine if your internet is the issue– The quickest way to do this is to place your laptop or device next to the router and do a speed test, if the Wi-Fi speed doesn’t improve then it’s time to contact your internet provider for a solution.
  2. Move your router- Sometimes the position of your router can be what’s slowing you down, if it’s on its side rather than flat and based in a corner, then it may hamper performance. Ensure your router is centrally located, sat upright with the antennae pointing upwards.
  3. Protect it– “Piggybacking” is when the Wi-Fi is used without permission, this will lead to slow speeds and loss of productivity. Protect your network by restricting access, changing the password regularly and ensuring the correct security measures are in place.

If your Wi-Fi and business internet connection could do with a much-needed boost, talk to KubeNet. With our range of Wi-Fi solutions to fit all types of business slow speeds will be a thing of the past and, we can check if your eligible for a Gigabit voucher worth up to £3000* that could transform the way your business works.

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