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Time to get that new Umbrella?

No, we don’t mean for our wonderful weather – though can you really trust a sunny day in Britain? It’s also a basic requirement for your cyber security, and at KubeNet – as a Cisco Premier Partner – we use Umbrella for our clients as a Secure Internet Gateway to provide a first line of defence against threats wherever the user goes.


Here comes a quick stat attack!

  1. 50% of business computing devices are specifically designed for use outside of a traditional office environment.
  2. Over 70% of mobile workers admit to not using the VPN at all times.
  3. Gartner reports that within three years 25% of corporate data traffic will be outside your protected network.


That means they are off network and more open to malware and other attacks. So, in essence, all the good work IT teams do in selecting, configuring and deploying Firewall and VPN solutions can being undone due to end user error, neglect or apathy.


As a Cloud delivered open platform Cisco Umbrella integrates easily with your existing security to deliver live threat intelligence, allowing you to protect your business at the DNS and IP layers. Umbrella handles over 80 billion DNS requests per day, gathering a vast amount of information about web traffic.  Although around 70% of malware is unique, they often originate from shared infrastructure which is exactly the type of information collected, helping to stop attacks before they launch.


All of this can be offered with Enterprise wide deployment in minutes, with zero added latency and 100% uptime.


Find out more about Cisco Umbrella on our Cisco pages or why not sign-up for a 14 day Free Trial to experience the benefits available to your business.


Just one final stat; 82% of Cisco Umbrella Free Trials become customers – The stats don’t lie when it comes to security.


The KubeNet team.