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We take care over the suppliers we work with because we know our clients rely on us to be their trusted technology partner

KubeNet Partner with major companies to supply market leading Telecoms, Infrastructure, IT, Technology & Cloud solutions.  

We know that our customers need highly skilled experts to take care of their environment and that’s why we partner with industry-leaders. We work hard to build these partnerships, continually upskilling our staff and commit to the highest accreditations, combining our expertise with our partners strengthsmarket leading software & hardware products. 


Industry Accreditations

ISO 27001

We are proudly accredited to ISO27001, which is testament to our stringent processes around data and security. The ISO27001 is the best-known standard for helping your organisation to protect your financial security, intellectual property and employee information, as it is entrusted to you. Overall, it is the best-known standard for providing adequate requirements for an information system.

Cyber Essentials

We also possess the Cyber Essentials accreditation. Cyber Essentials is an absolutely vital accreditation to have in a world where the risk of ransomware attacks, phishing and other cyber related incidents are growing. Undergoing the rigorous process of obtaining the Cyber Essentials certification proves that we are committed to providing the highest level of security.

ITIL Certification

We also have the ITiL certification. This means we are part of the most pre-eminent framework for managing service IT around the world. Although it started off as a set of standardised practices for government agencies, the ITiL has since been adopted and revised by many organisations throughout the world. With everyone in the business on a continued training programme, this ensures we can continue to grow our accreditations with our talented, capable and qualified staff.


ISO 9001 is the internationally recognized Quality Management System (QMS) standard that can benefit any size organization. Designed to be a powerful business improvement tool, ISO 9001 helps us to continually improve, streamline business operations and reduce our costs. It also helps us to be a more resilient and sustainable business that works effectively with all key stakeholders.