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Stay Connected with Microsoft Teams and VoIP

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Over the last few months businesses have used a variety of tools like voice solutions and Microsoft Teams to stay connected.

Hosted Telephony

Hosted telephony, also known as VoIP or Cloud Telephony, is run over the internet and the advantages include reduction in cost and greater flexibility. You will also have the added benefit of future proofing your service in anticipation of the ISDN switch off in 2025.

As of 2025, BT are set to turn off their WLR network completely. Therefore, it is essential that businesses try to get ahead of the game and look to port their phone system early to prevent any panic in the lead up to the ISDN switch off.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams instant messaging, screen sharing plus audio and video calls has increased collaboration and ease of use for employees worldwide.

The boom in Microsoft Teams is not surprising given how easy it is for those businesses who use Office 365 to get set up. It has now grown by 44 million daily active users and as of April, it totaled to around 75 million daily users.

KubeNet are now offering a direct routing option with MS Teams, that allows you to make external calls. Unsurprisingly, this is proving to be very popular with our customers.

For those that would like to have the MS Teams Experience but don’t use Office 365, and instead opt for the likes of Gmail instead, we provide an alternative with the same functionality that is compatible with the likes of Gmail.  This will allow you to keep in touch with your colleagues throughout the day and enable you to set up meetings easily.

If you or your business would like more information about voice telephony or MS Teams, please contact Ross Ferguson on 0344 873 4488 or