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Its not all about the savings

Openreach are applying yet another price increase as of October 2018.

WLR Features such as Call Diversion, Call Barring will be subject to increase.

KubeNet will be absorbing the price hike and not increasing the costs of these features to Kube Voice customers. Therefore customers are being protected by KubeNet from yet another BT/Openreach price rise.

There are many benefits to being a KubeNet customer not just saving money. The majority of our customers chose KubeNet and have stayed with KubeNet because they prefer a bespoke service that consistently delivers.

When we asked one of our customers why they chose KubeNet we got the following answer:

“KubeNet are experts, with really good people that I can trust. When I work with KubeNet I know that I’m getting advice that I can rely on, and I have great relationships with the right people there.”


If you’re not already a KubeNet customer, why not find out how much you could save on your business lines and calls? We’ve saved many companies around 40% and have improved on existing service too!

All we need to detail cost savings is a copy of a recent bill and we do the rest.

If you decide to go ahead it couldn’t be simpler, KubeNet will take over your lines and in approx. 10 working days you’ll be saving.


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