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Ofcom regulation update

Important Ofcom update
Providing your customers with broadband speeds


The Office of Communications (Ofcom) are going to be introducing business and consumer codes of practice on broadband products and services.


We at KubeNet are keen on adhering to Ofcom regulations and revisions. For this reason when Ofcom release an update to one of their regulations we are happy to keep our customers in the loop and show that we are doing all we can to remain up to date and compliant.


The Voluntary Business Broadband Speeds Code of Practice aims to provide business customers purchasing standard business broadband services, with transparent and accurate information on their broadband speeds – this differs slightly from the consumer code.

If you have purchased a WDSL service from Kube and have more than 10 employees, the business terms apply and for less than 10 employees these are covered by the consumer code. You can find more information on this by clicking here.