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Let’s talk about Flex!

Let’s talk about Flex!

Has juggling childcare and other family commitments over the spring holidays and Easter Weekend made you think about Flexible Working?

Did you know a staggering 95% of Scottish employees value flexibility as much as or more than salary (Family Friendly Working Scotland Survey 2019).

For modern businesses with the right technology in place, having staff that work remotely or out with the traditional 9-5 hours means great cost savings and increased staff morale.

TUC unionists and members of CBI agree that flexible working is better for staff and profits.

The standard 9-5 work “rule” for offices were invented way before the invention of any sort of modern-day technology. This system was based around some archaic needs such as needing daylight to see, face to face contact, (because there were no phones) and most roles requiring use of physical machinery.

In 2019, we have all the tools, apps and tech to improve our working environment and work smarter, but most companies are still stuck onto the old working structures.

Flexible working is still seen to be a massive perk in the UK and makes people think of new mums returning to work after Maternity Leave and feeling “entitled” to it. But everyone under UK employment law has the right to request flexible working. However, this can be refused if there is a business reason for doing so.

Understandably for some roles and businesses core hours are imperative but so many more people could be experiencing the joy of flex. That’s if they have the right tech in place.

Video Conferencing and technology like Cisco Webex means that employees can collaborate anywhere in real time, its ideal for file sharing and video conferencing. It means that employees can work across time zones, travel schedules and even work styles.

VoIP is also ideal for remote workers, field staff and small businesses as you can route calls and work anywhere with the same functionality as if you were sat at your desk. Perfect for those working compressed hours or part time as you save so much time on commutes, travelling to meetings frees up in office time for other tasks or reduces the working day.

The most important piece of tech for a flexible worker is a having access to a VPN.

A VPN is a virtual private network only people with access to can use. Users of a VPN can send a receive data securely with the confidence that no-one outside of the VPN can access it. This means that no matter where workers are if they have an internet connection, they can access all the systems and applications they’d normally be able to if they were in their main office.

A VPN also enables flexible working practices, improves efficiency, and means you’re not tied to only employing people local to your sites. If your ideal candidate lives too far away to get in the office, a VPN takes away that barrier.

KubeNet has masses of Flex appeal – from enriching other companies by deploying the right telecoms and tech solutions so they can empower staff with flex appeal, to offering flexible working hours for staff and flexible contracts for most of our services.

If you’d like to talk about flex give us a call on 0800 668 1266 or alternatively email us