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KubeNet smash industry standard SLA’s in 2018

At KubeNet we have been working hard over the past few years to redevelop our product portfolio and internal business processes, to ensure KubeNet retains its current customers and grows, attracting new customers in different markets and regions.

KubeNet has invested heavily in automation and has developed and deployed bespoke internal platforms across the organisation to manage service and operational activities.

Throughout this journey we have empowered employees to contribute ideas on how the business can continuously innovate to improve products and services for customers and internal processes.

Employees have been given the opportunity to be involved in the development process, allowing them to support the implementation of their ideas and work together to navigate best practice. Employee satisfaction and productivity have increased as a result, and the innovations put in place have allowed staff the time to focus on value-add activities.

The results

In 2018, out of over 1100 tickets logged KubeNet met the response SLA 97% of the time for the calendar year – Ofcom guidelines for this figure is 94% many of our industry peers fail to meet this standard, let alone exceed it.


The average time to for KubeNet to repair faults is 3 days – this includes weekends and holidays.

64% of service affecting issues are repaired and closed within 2 days with only 5% having a duration over 14 days.

We also hit a target of providing RFO’s (reason for outage) within 3 working days – the industry standard is 7 days.

Richard Cameron, Service Desk Team Leader said “This figure is astonishing, many tickets were complex issues involving 3rd party carriers and maintainers – this shows strong management of partners/resellers and robust escalation procedure.”

Furthermore, due to the time and costs saved as a direct result of the improvements made, Team Kube have been able to train and develop new skills and new job roles have been created.

For more information about our SLA’s, employee culture or to find out if working at KubeNet might be for you, please give us a call. We’d always like to hear from people with experience in Sales, Account Management or Provisioning.

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