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KubeNet partners Cisco

At KubeNet, we’ve formed a strategic relationship with Cisco. It was important to us to select the right partner for us to create and offer a range of products and services built on the most stable of foundations.

“Cisco – as a market leader and supplier of Best of Breed products – absolutely fitted the bill.” Says Fraser Ferguson, Director at KubeNet. “Focusing on a single primary vendor relationship allows us to build on the technical expertise within our team by including Cisco-certified engineers across our range of technologies. We really do invest heavily in sales and technical training so that we can offer a full range of lifetime services including design, installation and ongoing support”.
“We help our Customers get the reliable, secure network infrastructure they need to achieve their business goals” says Julie Inglis, Director at KubeNet. “We have partnered with Cisco because we share their vision of the end-to-end network as a means to simplify management, improve productivity, contain costs and enable better workforce collaboration and mobility. By harnessing the power of Cisco we can help our customers be proactive in the ever changing threat landscape and also keep one eye on the future with emerging technologies and market trends”.
Over the coming weeks we will publish a series of blogs introducing key Cisco products in more detail, providing practical ideas for how they can help you protect your business. In addition some of these products are available on a Free Trial basis so you can very quickly see the value Cisco and KubeNet can introduce to your business.

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