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KubeNet News!

Ever wanted to find out what people think of you? We did too. So we asked our customer and our staff for their honest opinions. We were surprised – and flattered with a lot of the results, and took on board any areas where they thought we could improve.

The result is our move to KubeNet, arrived at after a detailed research and understanding phase, followed by a brand new creative look to our brand. The good news is that what we were doing was really liked, so we are building on that to offer our customers even more. And our team (that’s us!) like working here and being part of the KubeNet business. There’s a different approach here, and it’s never more evident than in our appetite for learning. Everyone here is studying for additional qualifications, and that includes our apprentices.

It’s a great story – and you can read it all here, in this PDF of an article from Scottish Enterprise, who have been a great help in our journey. Hope you enjoy the read!


The  KubeNet Team