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KubeNet Director joins Scottish government’s cyber resilience working group

KubeNet Director Fraser Ferguson has joined the cyber resilience working group set up by the Scottish government to help businesses protect themselves from cyber attacks.

This Private Sector Action Plan has been developed in partnership by the Scottish Government and the National Cyber Resilience Leaders Board (NCRLB). It has draw heavily on the views and expertise of key private sector stakeholders, including representatives of the SME sector – a vital part of the Scottish economy.

It sets out the key actions that the Scottish Government and key partners will take during 2018-20 to help make Scotland’s private sector, and Scotland overall, more cyber resilient.

Our Director Fraser Ferguson is proud to be part of the group that is working in conjunction with the Scottish Government to develop a Private Sector Cyber Resilience “pathway”, and to examine the cyber security requirements that large public and private sector buyers place on SMEs.

Fraser said, “I’m delighted to be part of the group that hopefully will shape Scotland as a digital leader and cyber resilient country.”

Fraser will be using his vast industry knowledge and experience to help the Scottish Government realise its ambition to become ambition to be a world-leading nation in cyber resilience.

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