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It takes two

Meraki and Umbrella

KubeNet are delighted of offer businesses the simple yet robust integration of Cisco Umbrella and Cisco Meraki MR access points.

Meraki is a cloud based security solution for businesses that protects against cyber-attacks with advanced malware protection, policy-based routing and firewall technologies.

When paired with Umbrella, Meraki becomes super malleable.

Umbrella protects devices even when they aren’t on the company network or using the company VPN. It offers protection at DNS and IP layers and blocks malware, phishing attempts over any port or protocol.

The level of protection Umbrella offers is so sophisticated it detects attacks before they happen! This is the equivalent of having a burglar caught and arrested before he’s even reached your house let alone stolen anything.

Umbrella works well as it blocks malicious destinations before Meraki learns of them and complements Meraki by adding SSL-decrypted file inspection for any risky domains.


It takes two

The technologies can individually secure your IT network by it takes two to the same level of protection on and off site. Cisco and Meraki really are better together, they are both low cost, high-end and flexible.

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