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Are You Ready For The ISDN Switch Off?

By now, you’ve likely heard about the ISDN switch off, which will happen by the end of 2025. We’ve written some previous blogs, but we wanted to remind you of what’s happening, why, and what you can do to stop it from impacting you.

What’s happening?

In 2016, BT announced that they were stopping support of their ISDN lines, in favour of SIP and VoIP telephony systems. This means that from 2023, you will no longer be able to purchase ISDN telephone lines.

ISDN lines have been in use since the 1980s, and the increasing demands of our evolving digital landscape have meant that these channels have become outdated. Because of this change, businesses need to adapt, and that includes moving away from ISDN to IP technology.

What does the ISDN switch off mean for you?

Most business lines use ISDN and PSTN channels. So, unless you upgrade your telephony to SIP or a VoIP solution by the 2025 switch off, you will no longer be able to make or receive phone calls. Even if you’re currently diverting your calls from your lines to your mobile.

However, it is important to note that although the cut off is in 2025, some areas around the country have already made the switch as BT continue to roll this out to meet their deadline. And the costs for the ISDN lines are only going to increase to encourage everyone to make the switch.

What actions can you take?

Now is the time to future proof your business and make sure you are ready.

To avoid this impacting your business, you will need to upgrade your business’ telephony, but the good news is that you have options.

As mentioned, the best upgrades are SIP and VoIP. Both of these solutions use internet lines, and they’re much cheaper than ISDN.

We are here to help! We also offer an excellent VoIP solution that we call Kube Teams Connect. This allows you to make and receive phone calls through Microsoft Teams, and has several other business benefits. You can find more information in our product sheet.

Get in touch today by calling us on 0344 873 4488 and selecting option 2. Or email us at to chat to our team. We’re happy to talk through your business needs and support you in finding the best solution for you.

Don’t get caught out. The best time to switch your business telephony, and save on costs, is today.