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Connectivity is a business must. When you send an email, share a file or even make a call, it is the internet access, or your own private network, that makes it all possible. Whatever you want to do better as a business, the first step is getting your connectivity right.

We listened to what your clients needed from their network: the kind of infrastructure that provides a platform for growth and that will adapt as they do, with strong SLAs. So, we own and manage our own Next Generation Network, which is flexible enough to meet a wide range of demands from the straightforward, to the spectacular.

It interconnects with all the major carriers to offer you enormous coverage on your terms, and has both UK and international reach.

Whether you know exactly what you want and how you want it, or you’re looking for a fully managed network, we design and deliver to your needs.

Why Fibre Ethernet?


An investment in fibre today is an investment in the future of your business. With the right connection in place, your business is ready for bandwidth-hungry applications, video, hosted telephony, access to Cloud-based services and much more.

Whether it’s 10MB or 1GB connectivity, we can offer you ultra-fast bandwidth to meet your requirements, which makes Fibre Ethernet perfect for LAN extension, as well as other high-speed, high-availability applications.

Fibre comes with some unbeatable benefits:


Uncontended fibre access gives you a guaranteed service.


Choose bandwidth that suits your needs now, and expand it if your demand increases.


If you add new locations, we can create your own Private Network.



Your business broadband can connect you to the world in a number of ways. Find out which is right for your business…

What’s right for you?

(Digital Subscriber Line)

ADSL broadband services are not as fast as they used to be, due to contention. It’s really a residential product and speeds are dependent on location and distance from the exchange. For a small business looking to think big, FTTC or EFM may be the answer, and within budget.

(Fibre to the Cabinet)

FTTC is a Fibre circuit delivered to the nearest cabinet in the street and reducing that final copper reach. FTTC offers faster speeds and dependant on distance and contention up to 80Mbs downstream and 20Mb upstream may be available. It’s great for Internet Broadband users.

(Fibre to the Premises)

FTTP is a business service that provides near fibre-optic quality connectivity for less cost. Using multiple copper pairs provides faster connectivity and a more reliable service, with fully symmetric speeds and low latency, making it perfect for modern business applications and it’s faster to install than Fibre Ethernet.

Boost your Business with a superfast connection

Did you know that your business may be eligible for up to £2500 towards the cost of a new Full Fibre internet connection?

Simply complete the form and we’ll check eligibility for you- no paperwork, no hassle!

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