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Give outside the outside box this christmas

As you may already know KubeNet are an ethical employer that prides itself on doing the right thing as a business for customers and employees.

Not only are we a Living Wage provider, paying staff the real living wage of £9.00 per hour, the living wage makes a real difference to the lives of those receiving with, the uplift from minimum wage has been described as “life changing” for those eligible and allow them to pay for things like driving lessons, holidays and even save money that they wouldn’t be able to afford on a basic minimum wage.

In addition to this KubeNet supports several local sporting clubs including Cartha Queens Girls and Ladies Rugby and are the official technology partner to Glasgow Warriors. As part of this amazing partnership KubeNet have launched an initiative that aims to support youth rugby “Kube Warriors”. This initiative means that a % of revenue generated from the KubeNet/Glasgow Warriors partnership will used to run Mini Festivals at Scotstoun stadium. The more revenue generated, the more money is donated to youth rugby. A fantastic way for fans to invest in the Rugby superstars of tomorrow and save their business money.

At KubeNet don’t just support sports, as a STAR sponsor of iconic Citizens Theatre, KubeNet is supporting their renovation project and providing cutting edge connectivity and cyber security to all their sites.  These sponsorships and initiatives are just part of KubeNet’s everyday giving, since its Christmas, KubeNet is giving BIG and outside the box!

Instead of sending traditional paper cards by snail mail Kube have got their Head of Happiness Mac and Stress Reduction Specialist Orla otherwise known as “the office dogs” to pose for a snap and send this to customers, suppliers, friends and partners informing them that we’ve ditched the cards used donated the budget to the Citizens Theatre “Pay it Forward this Citzmas” appeal so that a local schoolchild who wouldn’t normally get to see a live show gets the chance to next Christmas.

That’s not all, all our customers who have services that are due for renewal have been given the option to resign and save money.

For every renewal, KubeNet will donate £25 to with CHAS or Simon Community Scotland,

£25 to CHAS means that a family can enjoy Christmas together at home with the support of Chas At Home team.

£25 to the Simon Community means a homeless person gets a hot meal, a hot shower and a change of clothes.

By renewing with Kube, Not only will customers lock special loyalty rates, they’ll also be helping support a truly worthwhile cause at Christmas.

For more information about how KubeNet’s service can transform your business efficiency then please get in touch 0800 668 1266 or email