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GDPR Are YOU Ready?

In my last blog I looked at the pace of technology and the way hackers are using it to steal data. In this blog we’ll explore how GDPR will go a long way to making sure that businesses gather, use, store and secure data, with an emphasis on security.

At KubeNet, we welcome GDPR. It puts a lot of basic best practice into law, and strengthens the integrity of personal data, with some seriously hefty fines for data breaches – which are becoming increasingly common as Facebook has just demonstrated.

We’re taking it seriously. We’ve worked through our own enhancements and amendments to our products, policies and documentation, and we now have a staff GDPR Practitioner (me!) We have also ensuring that our own customers are aware of what the new Regulation will mean for them.

To drive that, and to help businesses like yours, we have gathered all our processes in one place – our new website GDPR section. In it you’ll find more about how we work – both in GDPR terms and in our wider business practices – to ensure that our customers’ data is secure.

As the GDPR deadline of May 25th approaches, more and more businesses are asking about GDPR and what it means for them. So, if you have any questions or any special requests about data, or any of the policies and practices on our website, please get in touch with me on

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Lora Barclay

Service Delivery Manager