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DDos Attacks, the Threat is real and here’s the proof

DDoS attacks don’t just happen to large enterprises or telecom carriers they can strike anywhere & anytime causing widespead disruption & distress. A Distributed Denial of Service Attack, commonly known as DDoS, are increasing and here’s some proof.


Did you know that one of the largest attacks was clocked at 500Gbps, that’s right 500Gbps, after that everyone sat up and paid attention to the threat.

DDoS attacks are on the rise and have increased over 125% year on year. “Volumetric” also known as “floods,” are the most common type of attack, making up for about 65% of the total reported. It’s executed using multiple infected systems which are often part of a botnet – an interconnected network of computers infected with malware.

So, we agree that attacks can take down large organisations, however, SME’s are now also prime targets for hackers, this not only can be very damaging in some cases it can be fatal.

DDoS attacks are difficult to block as the attack can come from numerous sources and,  globally and even if the attack wasn’t big enough to cause your business disruption, stats show that on average organisations have experienced at least one DDoS attack.

Surveys have found that more than 40% of DDoS attacks pass through current
on-premises firewalls.

Clean traffics important and that’s why KubeNet put Network & Cyber Security, front, centre and at the core of everything we do to protect where we can, our customers networks from unauthorised access, security threats and data breaches.

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