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Cybercriminals are three times more likely to target SMEs – Are you protected?

With global corporations and the FTSEs now focussing on cyber security, cybercriminals are now looking for easier targets. 2017 has been a record year for attacks, with Enigma, owners of the anti-malware SpyHunter program reporting an astonishing 1.5 million infections in the first six months of the year.

Some businesses have often taken the approach that hacks only happen to big businesses with big data, but they couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, businesses like yours are successfully attacked more often, we just don’t hear about them. Recent malware attacks affected one in three SME businesses, but it’s the one in six major businesses – like the latest Equifax loss, Talk Talk and the NHS – that make the headlines.

Regardless of size, the consequences of breach are just as damaging, and often have a much bigger impact on long term success for SMEs.

So in this blog we’ll look at the KubeNet guide to the simple steps that you can take to get protected.

Change the way you think

You use the internet as a business tool. Sales, communication, accounting, marketing, PR…it’s essential to your success. Securing that asset should be a primary part of your business plan.

Get a data policy

Firstly, your data security policy – it’s a must. Businesses are becoming more relaxed about how their staff work on a day to day basis. So now it’s common for staff to have their office emails and access to VPNs on their personal devices. Good for business as it’s lower tech costs and higher productivity?


Without a policy or active online supervision it’s an open door for hackers and viruses. Without these you risk unauthorised access to your systems through loss or theft of the device, or creating opportunities for malware and ransomware access through the commercial channels that mobile devices were made for, like free WiFi hotspots – and online shopping and booking.

Educate – get a human firewall

With iPhone X just launched, and more to follow, technology just took another leap. And most people haven’t caught up with what we have already. However, it adds another layer – face recognition – to the plethora of ways that a hacker can get into your system. Your staff need to be educated in the many social engineering ways that hackers and cybercriminals attack, and how best to defend against them. They are your first line of defence.


Your Tech

Unsurprisingly, hackers use software tools to find and identify poorly or unprotected systems. Fact.  At the very least all of your devices – including mobile – should have a robust firewall, and you should have up to date anti-virus installed. That needs to be an enterprise grade solution by the way, not a consumer based product. Enterprise grade systems are harder to get through, as it has a greater capacity for availability, compatibility, reliability, scalability, performance and security.

Bring in the professionals

SMEs often find it difficult to recruit, train and afford the cybersecurity infrastructure and expert help they really need. That’s where KubeNet can help. As a leading internet service provider based in Scotland and supplying business class connectivity, cloud, network, and security solutions locally and globally, we have our own Managed Firewall (KFMS) designed specifically for businesses like yours.

Get in touch with us here at KubeNet to arrange a consultation and an assessment of your current security provisions. Email us on or call 0344 873 4488.