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KubeNet Managed Firewall Service (KMFS)

The modern cybercriminal uses sophisticated techniques to break through network defences and attack your business systems. In order to keep intruders out while keeping full and productive services running requires comprehensive security policies, firewall management and constant monitoring to keep up with evolving threats.

Our KMFS protects your network from unauthorised access and other security threats. Hosted in secure, carrier-class Data Centres, KMFS provides a virtual solution from a private Cloud on an IaaS basis. As such, you can benefit from the increased management without the need for expensive capital expenditure and on-site maintenance fees, which vastly reduces the total cost of ownership.

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Cyber Security from KubeNet ensures that your organisation’s systems and networks are fully protected from potential cyber-attacks. With the introduction of GDPR and the modern business world that relies on being connected online, it is crucial to have a comprehensive cyber security solution in place.

Our cyber security offerings give you peace of mind that your business can carry on without the worry of a potential data breach and the consequences that accompany it, like financial damages.

We know how important cyber security is, and that’s why we cover all aspects of your organisation’s infrastructure. With our robust solutions, everything will be protected. This ensures that your organisation has a strong cyber front against cyber attackers.

KMFS comes with some unbeatable benefits:

Benefit One

Uncontended fibre access gives you a guaranteed service.

Benefit Two

Choose bandwidth that suits your needs now, and expand it if your demand increases.

Benefit Three

If you add new locations, we can create your own Private Network.

Benefit Four

If you add new locations, we can create your own Private Network.

KubeNet is a Cyber Essentials Accredited company


The Cyber Essential Scheme has been developed by the UK Government that provides a clear statement to all organisations on the basic controls that should be implemented to mitigate the risk from common internet based threats.

The scheme incorporates an audited assurance framework that ensures we demonstrate that we have taken all reasonable precautions to secure our network and data.

At KubeNet, we take the security of our network very seriously. In addition to our staff being trained on cyber security, we also house a number of “CEH” (Council Ethical Hackers), enabling us to have an additional later of in-depth network monitoring.


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