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Are You Doing Enough To Stay Safe Online?

We’re all confident that we know how to keep ourselves safe online. Some small ways to keep ourselves protected include using a strong password, and protecting our devices with anti-virus software. But are we doing enough? And what else can we do to ensure computer safety and security?

How to create a strong password

Let’s start with passwords. How strong is yours? The National Cyber Security Centre has released a list of the most commonly hacked passwords. You can check this list to see if yours is at risk.

Strong passwords should be at least 8 characters long. They should also contain at least 1 number, 1 symbol and include both capital and lower-case letters. We know that thinking of a strong password that hits all of these points can be difficult. Especially when you need a new one for all your accounts. So, a good tip is to use 3 random words. This keeps your password long, and indiscernible enough, to prevent it from being hacked. Crucially, it’ll also keeping it simple enough so that you don’t forget it.

In addition, you can use a password manager to help you remember them all!

Computer Safety Best Practice: Protecting your network

Whether you’re at home, in the office or on a commute, it’s important to have the right systems in place to protect your devices. Making use of a firewall is a great first line defence, and utilising Cloud backups ensure that all your data is kept safe and secure in the event of theft, damage or a cyber-attack. And if you’re on a commute, a VPN will protect you by shielding your IP and location.

It’s also important to ensure that your network is kept up and running, and that downtime is prevented. We’ve talked before about the cost of downtime to your business, and Remote Monitoring and Management is a great way to prevent this. RMM is hardware free and maintains a relentless focus on security, saving you time, money and streamlining your entire IT service.

RMM compliments your antivirus software, and constantly monitors your devices for any threat of ransomware. If it finds any, the device is immediately isolated from your network. It costs as little as a cup of coffee per device per month and could save your business a substantial amount of money. Also, as a Datto Gold partner, we’re experts in keeping your business secure online.

Your Computer Safety Plan

Our team are always available to support you and provide you with advice on staying safe online. We offer a range of cyber security solutions to protect you and your business. From our KubeNet Managed Firewall, to Cloud Storage and Data Centres and our Datto RMM service – our expert team work with you to find your perfect solution.

If you’d like a demo of RMM, or you’d like to know more about computer safety and cyber security, please get in touch with us today by calling 0344 873 4488 (option 2) or alternatively, fill out our contact form and someone from our team will be in touch with you soon.