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Christmas Freeze Dates

In line with standard industry good practice, as well as feedback we receive from our customers, KubeNet will again be implementing a change freeze over the Christmas holiday period this year.  During this time, there will be no non-critical changes actioned on any shared infrastructure unless this has been pre-agreed as an exemption.



The change freeze will come into effect at 08:00 on Wednesday 19th December 2018, and will be lifted at 08:00 on Monday 7th January 2019.


Non-critical changes to KubeNet’s core network,  and other shared infrastructure will be suspended for the period of the change freeze.


Where pre-provisioned capacity is available, this can be allocated providing it is without risk.  Capacity on single customer, dedicated environments can be increased with appropriate notice only where there is no risk to shared services.


In the event of a service incident, KubeNet will continue to resolve issues as normal and where required will complete any emergency changes in line with the Emergency Change Process as necessary to restore full service.


If customers do require planned changes during this window then these must be pre-approved and may be declined if KubeNet believe it could result in significant risk to service.

Change freezes are normal practice within the industry due to lower staffing levels across our suppliers, our customers and within KubeNet NOC.

We therefore look to minimise all activities that introduce risk to shared infrastructure, support services will be available throughout the freeze please report all faults the usual way via or call 0344 873 4488 option 1