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How can I prevent a data breach?

It seems like every day there’s another company in the news having fallen victim of hackers and subject to another data breach. With global companies such as Reddit, FedEx and Uber bring subject to breaches and retailers Dixons Carphone and Superdrug all subjects of cyber-attacks.

Data breaches are on the rise for all companies – a report from cybersecurity firm Shape Security showed that a staggering 80- 90% of login attempts made on online retailers’ e-commerce websites are hackers using stolen data. The majority of these are caused by flaws in payment systems that were taken advantage of by hackers.

Here’s 5 steps your business can take to prevent a data breach.

  1. Identify phishing emails- 72% of cyber security breaches originating from staff receiving fraudulent emails. Its very easy for hackers to make an email look like it comes from your CEO or MD check out this video
  2. Ensure passwords are secure- Easy way to think about it is to think of passwords are like underwear- Change them often, don’t share them and don’t leave them out for others to see.
  3. Secure confidential information- make sure sensitive info stays secure. Often the biggest threat is an internal one and occurs when staff leak data. This may not always be intentional but can still have catastrophic results.
  4. Conduct regular audits – one of the most effective ways to protect and prevent a breach is to find out if you are susceptible to one.
  5. Get Protected- The easiest and simplest way to protect your business from a data breach is to deploy Cisco Umbrella. It protects your network in minutes and we are offering all customers a 21 day FREE trial


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