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A report has revealed that many businesses do not have a formal cyber security strategy.

The report published by the Institute of Directors and Barclays found that small, medium and large firms need to consider the best way to protect themselves against what might be the defining challenge for business.

The report said: “Government, too, needs to do more to point busy business leaders towards existing schemes and advice, and making schemes more relevant.

“Ultimately, however, this is a matter for business – in a digital economy, it’s the equivalent of installing a burglar alarm.”

The report was based on a survey of 844 IoD members in December 2016 and found that although respondents were aware of the threat presented by cyber crime, only half had protected all their devices.

Four out of ten said they would not know who to contact in the event of a cyber attack. Two thirds said they had taken government advice to use a variety of passwords and a similar number used cloud software.

Only 44 per cent had arranged cyber awareness training and many left gaps of more than a year between training programmes

What does this mean for you? If you are one of the statistics above, it is time to act – before it’s too late.

At KubeNET we have been working closely with our customers in enhancing their cyber security strategy ensuring their business is protected from the increasing threats. As well as delivering cost effective and resilient connectivity to businesses throughout the UK and globally, did you know we also provide Managed Firewall Services?  Customers and the market are increasingly moving towards appointing a managed service provider who have the skills, expertise and infrastructure to support business needs.

Cyber Threats, DDOS Attacks, Social Engineering Fraud are all on the increase, businesses have to be continually monitoring, evaluating and protecting a business from these threats and the only way to achieve this is by implementing secure firewalls – which need to be continually updated. Not all organisations have the in-house expertise to manage this which is where KubeNET Managed Firewall Services add real value.

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