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Does my business need better broadband?

The short answer is YES but if you’re not convinced here’s why.

With a superfast better broadband connection, you can

  1. Optimise your business with cloud computing– If you have a superfast broadband connection you can quickly and easily upload and store, access and download vast amounts of data. This allows your business to be more agile.
  2. Work faster and smarter- With increased bandwidth your business can benefit from its employees completing tasks instantly and simultaneously. No buffering or downtime.
  3. Allow staff to work remotely with ease- Save money and increase productivity with Video Conferencing and Webex. These seamless quality applications reduce the need for face to face meetings that can be time consuming and expensive. Faster broadband allows collaboration without disruption. And a VPN allows staff the same functionality as if they were sat at their desk hard wired to the network boosting efficiency.
  4. Become more responsive – A more resilient, superfast connection allows your business to respond and react more quickly and in turn be more competitive.
  5. Futureproof your business with added insights – A fast broadband connection can add customer benefits, you can offer Wi-Fi when they visit or additional extras such as in-store analytics or better access to ordering systems.

If you’d like to transform your business with better broadband that will supercharge staff productivity give us a call. You may even be eligible for a £3000 voucher towards the cost as part of the Governments Gigabit voucher Scheme for more information check out our dedicated Gigabit page.

Give us a call on 0800 668 1266 and let us do the rest or alternatively you can email us