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BT wants to scrap its analogue phone lines

BT has asked Ofcom to be allowed to cease its mandatory provision to provide analogue PSTN voice telephone lines across the UK.

Under the current Universal Service Obligation (USO), BT is required to provide a connection to the public telephone network and BT hopes to soften these rules and provide internet services which customers can use for voice calls.

With BT planning to turn off their ISDN network & the number of consumers who still make regular calls from their fixed line greatly reduced, this news will not come as a shock to many people.

With a fixed line still needed for broadband, we’re not about to see the demise of the humble PSTN line anytime soon, even if the regulations are relaxed towards voice.


At Kube, we understand the requirements of our customers and the need to be forward looking in communications. Has Copper had its day? Most certainly not from what we are experiencing with customers still utilising copper based services ISDN2 & ISDN30, however, it’s time to move forward and give UK businesses the speed they need to operate and compete. It’s time to be bold and innovative, move away from copper networks, and invest in faster, fibre networks.

Kube already offer future proof alternatives to PSTN with our hosted voice solution Optimus and KubeSIP trunks. Both solutions are flexible and grow with your business, move with your business and offer robust disaster recovery, ensuring business continuity which is crucial in today’s competitive market.

To read more about these alternatives to the traditional analogue line, read our blog post.

For businesses that want to compete, it is time to wave goodbye to your old copper friend.

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