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Be aware of what you share – the tale of terror

Another terrifying tale to celebrate Cyber Security Awareness Month.

New research published as part of Get Safe Online Week has revealed that a staggering 21 Brits are defrauded every minute because of oversharing on social media.

The issue seems to be that Brits are unclear as to what oversharing is and what is best practice online.

Top 5 risks to be aware of:

  • Different social media channels might require different levels of privacy. For example, Facebook settings should be on private as the way we use the platform is different to Twitter or Instagram where the platforms are more suitable to being open
  • When you enter your details to a website or app, always check terms and conditions, and even then, be careful what you’re agreeing to others knowing about you or your account
  • Posting and sharing photos of when you’re away on holiday or business could be signalling that your home is empty. Remember that today’s burglars are as social media savvy as you are
  • Turn off location services in app settings on your and your kids’ mobile devices: that’s social media apps, cameras and any others that might reveal location. This isn’t just about privacy, but also you and your family’s personal safety
  • Think twice about posts and photos you’re sharing. Driving licences, passports, some letters and other documents contain sensitive information that you need to prove your ID


If in doubt always make sure your profiles are set to private, you are using the most recent version of any apps and that you have a password or pin code set up onto your device.

Be aware of what you share and don’t ensure your devices are protected, for the price of a large coffee you could protect your devices using Cisco Umbrella- the world’s first intelligent proxy. KubeNet are offering all businesses a FREE IT security assessment there’s absolutely no obligation but you will receive a full analysis of what threats and attacks Umbrella has shielded you  from.


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