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Always carry an Umbrella

Being British we are all used to unpredictable weather and are no strangers to carrying an Umbrella at all times to keep out the rain.

KubeNet a Cisco Premier Partner use a service called Umbrella to provide real-time protection to customers which monitors Internet traffic and protects them from potential threats.

Cisco Umbrella is ranked as #1 Web gateway by IT Central Station so sophisticated it can pre-empt cyber-attacks before they strike and in the same way Amazon learns from shoppers buying behaviours every second Umbrella is updating to acquire and learn from over 1 million malicious and non-malicious internet events.

Getting under the Umbrella

Umbrella is as easy as 1,2,3 to deploy and you are protected in minutes.

All you do is point your DNS to the Umbrella global network and any device that joins your network is protected. No other security product can be deployed faster, with less disruption. It’s powerful, effective security you can see immediately, without the usual complex requirements.

Firewalls and Antivirus just aren’t enough

Firewalls and Antivirus react once an attack has been lost, Cisco Umbrella observes Internet infrastructure before attacks are launched and can prevent malicious Internet connections. Learning all the steps of an attack is key to understanding how Cisco Umbrella can bolster your existing defences.

“We’re just a small company, hackers wouldn’t target us”.

This is a common misconception that if you have a Small Business you’re safe. Hackers are more likely to attack smaller companies that haven’t the time, money or IT knowledge to protect.

Umbrella can defend and protect for an extremely small, cost-effective, per user, per month fee!

KubeNet are giving it away * (*almost)

KubeNet is offering all businesses a 21 Day FREE trial of Cisco Umbrella, there’s no obligation to sign up. You’ll get weekly reports and personalised final summary. It’s easily set up in minutes and gives you fast, reliable information to stop attacks before they launch.

If you’d like any advice or help to access your trial or deploying Umbrella please do not hesitate to speak with our certified Cisco technical specialists.

Contact us now – 0344 873 4488 option 2  or