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2023 Price increase

At KubeNet we’re always working hard to provide you with the highest-quality of products and services, and we are committed to maintaining the highest standards for everyone. To ensure that we continue to deliver on this high level of service, following price increases by all carriers, subscription providers and suppliers we have conducted a pricing review, and we will be implementing a price increase in line with these supplier and industry changes.

We’re monitoring the market closely and to ensure transparency we have listed all carriers and suppliers and their respective price increase below that we will be implementing from 01.04.2023.

SupplierProductIncreaseEffective from:
BT OpenreachLine Rental14.4%1st April
BTWEthernet/DataTBC1st April
BTWVoiceTBC1st April
VodafoneData & BB FTTC13.40%1st April
VodafoneVoice13.40%1st April
Mobiles13.40%1st April
Talk Talk15%1st April
Virgin Media18%1st April
CityfibreTBC1st April
MicrosoftAll licences9%1st April
DattoTBC1st April
Pulsant rack space10.8%1st February
Pulsant Powerx8 on current usage1st February
GammaSiP10.01%1st April
GammaInternational SiP10%1st April
VoiceflexSiP10%1st April
VoiceflexCall12.5%1st April
VoiceflexNova Voice20%1st April
VoiceflexNebula15%1st April
VoiceflexAnything else not covered10%1st April
EvolveCalls and Bundles5%1st April
AudioCodesTBC1st April

We understand that this news may be unwelcome, however we have no other option than to pass the costs to our clients, as our carriers, subscription providers and suppliers have increased their prices in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and some well in excess of it, this has contributed to our need to adjust our pricing in line with these carriers, subscription providers and suppliers. As costs continue to rise, we must adjust our prices correspondingly to maintain our exceptional service.

We want to emphasize that this price increase is not unique to KubeNet. The entire industry is facing similar challenges, and many of our competitors have already announced price increases. However, we are confident that our prices still provide excellent value and remain competitive.