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10 steps to protect against cyber crime

Cyber Crime is BIG Business and as the recent hacks of Sony and the US Government have shown us, anyone can fall victim to it.

The first quarter of 2015 saw a record number of DDoS attacks (more than 2,000 daily), PBX & Hosted Telephony fraud, and, an increase in hackers’ hi-jacking customer information and demanding ransoms.

UK losses from online fraud are now running at more than £670m a year however, despite this, businesses are still not protecting themselves from threats with almost 90% of SMEs not using data protection for their information and less than half securing company email to prevent phishing scams.

The attacks are growing in sophistication.

The potential for your business falling victim to these criminals is increasing by the day. So, what are you doing about it? Are you taking the necessary precautions and implementing the appropriate security protocols? Are you up to speed on the latest techniques and technologies to fight the threat?

If not, you could be leaving your business open to an attack. With the cost of security breaches rising, we want to help you protect your business.

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A security breach may never happen, and the correct processes won’t always stop Cyber Crime, however, we can still put the platforms & policies in place to combat it.

Contact us now and discuss with Kube how we can help you to protect your business against the Cyber Crime threat.

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